S/S 2024 KISS AND FLY 2.0

The collection “Kiss and Fly 2.0’ draws its essential inspiration from journals and notes of the designer, written while being in mid-transit at major airports.

An Airport, a Space deeply transitory yet permanent, is one of the few places where one may observe all different walks of life gathered in one place.

They could be young lovers in holiday attires with an inflatable neck pillow, business people in suits working on their laptops on an early morning flight or an overdressed passenger stepping onto their first-class flight to cross the Atlantic.

Everyone has a story, and one may hear it by looking at their dress. 

Acceptance Letter Studio presents a collection that merges the joy of air travel, how garments inherently impact all human beings, and the beauty of our diverse world in a language of fashion.

Thoughtfully designed and crafted, the collection aims to bring the wearer a sense of freedom and ease through reworked essentials for your moments of mobility and change.

16.09.2023 SEOUL