Infinity City by Acceptance Letter Studio
presented by Arts of the Working Class

Performance by Acceptance Letter Studio
Merchandise and Issues by Art of the Working Class

In collaboration with Ruben Cortelletti, Nat Marcus, Imtiaz Ashraf, Jos Mckain, Brianna M and Bully Fae Collins

Based on the collection “Hotel Infinity”, the fashion label Acceptance Letter and the street newspaper Arts of the Working Class combine their economic and cultural pursuits to excel in the contradictory grandeur of Berlin. The pandemic years have supposedly passed, yet the city continues to function as a rotating door of a lobby where we continue to revolve around discursive schools, jobs, and pools of creativity.

Acceptance Letter's “Hotel Infinity” collection is a love letter to Berlin and its different forms of beauty, ranging from sensual print wear to classic tailoring. Merchandise provided by AWC will turn accumulation on its head. Clothing taken from different donations and charities evoke desire, warmth and closeness, as opposed to undoubtedly cool exclusiveness.

In an early afternoon défilé and runway, AWC x AL will redistribute values to the many fates of Berlin through the community based businesses and non-profitable productions. Hotel Infinity aims to be a visual expression of Berlin fueled by its drive to move forward, accompanied by a real-life cast of characters that have deeply inspired the foundation of Acceptance Letter Studio and the editorial and (re)distribution work of Arts of the Working Class.

Arts of the Working Class

AWC is a multi-lingual street journal on poverty and wealth, art and society. It is published every two months and contains contributions by artists and thinkers from different fields and in different languages. Its terms are based upon the working class, meaning everyone, and it reports everything that belongs to everyone. Everyone who sells this street journal earns money directly. Vendors keep 100% of the sales.

Jewelry Design

Photography Hue Hale

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