Tribute Collection for Hayden Foster Wallace (1994 - 2024)
Berlin Fashion Week Spring Summer Show

“On January 8th, my heart was shattered, learning I had lost my biggest supporter and dearest friend, Hayden Foster Wallace. Stepping into life without Hayden by my side, I know my only way forward is to honor him as the unstoppable, loving, and stylish person he was.”

Jeakyong Sim, founder of Acceptance Letter Studio

With GIVE ALL TO LOVE, OBEY THY HEART, Acceptance Letter Studio aims to celebrate Hayden’s life, encapsulating the essence of the extraordinary person he was with a tribute collection and runway show. 

Each piece in this collection will be a heartfelt expression of the multifaceted and worldly perspective that defined Hayden. The color palette will reflect his favorite hues of primary colors, and each fabric will be carefully chosen from personal archives. Every stitch, pattern, and detail in GIVE ALL TO LOVE, OBEY THY HEART will tell a story of the beautiful friend that he was and the unforgettable memories we share of him.

This fully realized 30-look collection will be unveiled at the historical Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. This symbolic location resonates with Hayden's time living in Berlin his personal connection to this unique part of the city, especially the adjacent field, and his time working for American Airlines at JFK and Austin Bergstrom Airport. 

In July 2024, we aim to unveil our latest spring-summer collection, GIVE ALL TO LOVE, OBEY THY HEART. We invite you to embrace this collection as a celebration of style and a living tribute to our dear friend Hayden. If you are able, we would like to ask you to donate to help this devoted collection come to life.


Organization Jeakyong Sim & Betsy Flickinger

Photo Credit Caroline Kynast


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